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 B&I Consulting has been dedicated for over ten years to working with socially conscious leaders in higher education and the nonprofit sector who are seeking support in aligning their or their organization's values with their impact. 


 Our services include:

  • Speaking Engagements, Facilitation & Program Design

  • Organizational Consulting

  • Executive Leadership Coaching

We know how important it is to partner with consultants who understands the communities you serve.  We proudly have experience working in a variety of societal issues. 


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Latina woman standing in front of large post-it note facilitating a training with three students listening to the facilitator
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Speaking Engagement & Facilitation

At B&I, we bring a unique blend of expertise and passion to our roles as speakers and facilitators. Our goal is to provide impactful education and leadership development training focused on social issues. We tailor our sessions to address the specific needs of your community and constituents, ensuring that your organization's causes are effectively advanced.

Through dynamic keynotes, panel participation, presentations and interactive workshops, we engage participants, fostering an environment of learning and growth. We emphasize the importance of aligning actions with organizational missions and values, helping your team to stay true to its core principles while driving positive change.

Organizational Consulting

As organizational consultants, we support the creation and revamping of systems, conduct data analysis, and write reports. We understand that for an organization to function well, robust systems must be in place. However, we also recognize that system changes impact staff.


Therefore, we offer change management support to ensure that staff are heard and included in the journey of change.

Executive Leadership Coach

As executive leadership coaches, we provide 1:1 support for leadership development, communication, and team leadership. We assist individuals in navigating career choices, helping them make aligned decisions.

Organizations can hire us to support their staff leaders, either individually or as a team. We ensure leaders meet their organizational goals while effectively leading and developing their teams and programs.

Book your Free Session

If you are ready to make a difference book a consultation , free of charge, to ensure we are the best match for each other whether it is for speaking and facilitation engagement, organizational consulting, of 1:1 executive coaching  . 

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Our Values

 Guiding Principles That Define Our Culture & Our Relationship to You

Uplifting Lived Experiences

Centering the voices and experiences of your community and constituents. 

Learning in Action

We encourage risk-taking, learning from mistakes, and applying newfound knowledge to improve ourselves and our organizations. We cannot create change if we aren't willing to take risks. 

Courageous Leadership

 We firmly believe that true leadership demands taking risks, making tough decisions, and standing up for's right. This unwavering commitment to courageous leadership is evident in every aspect of our work, from how collaborate, support, and serve our team clients.

Accountability with Trust

Challenging each other to create the societal change needed and assuming the best intent in each other.

Power of Connection

We prioritize connection in everything we do. We cannot create lasting change unless we facilitate our work through the lens of relationships, collaboration, and community. 

Genuine Service

We believe in providing our clients with authentic and trustworthy services that they can rely on. We are committed to honesty and transparency, even if that means having difficult conversations throughout the process. 

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