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Our Expertise

As leaders of organizations striving to make a positive impact on society, we understand the importance of partnering with an organization that shares your values and deeply understands the issues at hand. At B&I, we pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge across various issues and are ready to offer our expertise to help you achieve your goals.

In addition to our wealth of knowledge, we bring 15 years of experience in various roles within the higher education and nonprofit sectors.

We incorporate our expertise into all the services we provide: speaking & facilitation engagements, organizational development and 1:1 and Team Executive Leadership Coaching.

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Community Engagement

  • Coalition and collaborative partnership building

  • Harnessing and empowering local leadership
    Identifying the needs of the community and creating a response

  • Power of Storytelling

  • Resource mobilization

  • Community Inclusion


Higher Education & Student Affairs

  • Higher Education Consulting 

  • Student Success 

  • Transition Management

    • Student Support and Belongingness

    • Student Inclusion

  • Transfer Student Engagement

  • Curriculum Development

  • Leadership Development 

  • Student Engagement

  • Coordinated student care

  • Conduct Process Creation and Review

    • ​Individual student and organization conduct: policy creation, case review,  adjudication and appeals

  • Crisis/Trauma Intervention and Management

  • Title IX Hearing/Appeals Officer

  • Fraternity & Sorority Life: 

    • Group Development​

    • Values Alignment 

    • Recruitment

  • First Generation Support

  • Low-income support

  • Policy Development and Implementation


Gender Equity & Gender-Based Violence
  • Gender Based Prevention &

  • Our Flagship Workshop that began
    B&I: Empow-HER: Overcoming victim blaming and forming a community of support

  • Healthy Masculinity

  • Your Role in Prevention: Active Bystander Intervention

  • Title IX


Human Rights &
Social Justice

  • Advocacy and Awareness

  • Capacity Building

  • Crisis Invention

  • Grassroot Initiatives

  • Policy Engagement

  • Strategic Partnerships


Wellness & 
Mental Health

  • Awareness Campaigns

  • Communication Skills

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Community Support

  • Community Building

  • Leadership Training

  • Mindfulness Practices


Human Development
  • Understanding how our past influences our perceptions & impacts our engagement

  •  Identifying subconscious beliefs & how they impact us 

  • Rewiring our subconscious beliefs  for positive change

  • The importance of understanding your community developmentally in order to tailor messages & programs

Community Engagement, Higher Ed, Student Affairs & Gender Equity
Human Rights, Social Justice, Wellness, Mental Health, Human Development

Operational Alignment

Operational Alignment

To drive transformative changes addressing society's pressing issues, a well-structured organizational foundation is imperative. We recognize the intricate balance required and stands poised to enhance both organizational effectiveness and individual well-being within the organizational context. We provide comprehensive support ensuring a holistic approach to fostering positive change within your organization.

Change Management, Leadership Development, Cultural Development


Change Management

  • Helping you manage the people side of change within your organization

  • Assessing the need, impact and progress of change

  • Communicating Change

  • Helping staff engage, adopt, and use a change in their day-to-day work

  • Implement strategies for effecting change


Leadership Development 

  • Supporting the leadership team and supervisors manage their teams and individuals

  • Deconstructing leadership for today’s reality (with specific programming for BIPOC constituents and communities)

  • + attendees)

  • Moving Away from the Ikea effect

  • Communicating through the remote world


Cultural Development
  • Assessing the organizational climate and working to improve staff experience and engagement.

  • Accountability and Decision-Making Practices

  • Career Growth Opportunities

  • Employee Engagement Strategies

  • Inclusive and Diverse Culture

  • Supportive Leadership

  • Transparent Communication

  • Work-life Balance


Policies and Risk Management

  • Policies development that resonate with your organizational culture and needs

  • Assessment of the 3Ps: practice, procedures, and policies

  • Bias analysis

  • Risk analysis

  • Crafting or revising policies


Organizational Development

  • Supporting the organization with systems creation, effectiveness, and strategic interventions.

  • Aligning your Policies and

  • Procedures to the Lived Reality of those you Serve

  • Streamlining goals to accomplish

  • Creating Systems to maximize effectiveness


Leadership Training
  • Leadership Training (e.g Clifton Strengths, Exploring Values, Values Alignment, Communication Skills, Leading a team, etc.)

  • Leadership Institute for Emerging Leaders (300

  • Aligning your Policies and Procedures to the Lived Reality of those you Serve

  • Creating and Maintaining the Mental Model for the team

  • Fostering Accountability

Policies, Risk Management, Organizational Development, Leadership Training
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