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Our Story

It all started in February 2014 when Ivonne Ramirez-DeBlois, the founder, was presenting at a conference on how to empower and provide social emotional support to survivors of sexual assault. After the presentation, students, administrators, and nonprofits reached out asking how they could bring that program to their constituents. From that moment Ivonne has been working with nonprofit organizations, college students and college administrators and leaders to help move forward important social justice changes in organizations and support those on the front-line to put on their mask before helping others.

When B&I first started Ivonne would work on projects alongside her pup, Bella who would also travel with her. Bella passed away in 2021. To memorize her, Ivonne renamed the organization to B & I, for Bella and Ivonne

About our Founder

Hello! My name is Ivonne Ramirez-DeBlois

I am a 4'11" Latina born into a matriarchal household where I was encouraged to speak my voice, advocate for causes, and knock down doors. I am a speaker and facilitator, a consultant, and an executive coach. My fiery energy led me to Washington, DC, where I became a dedicated sexual violence and gender equity advocate. I focused on leadership development to support campuses and nonprofits toward social justice change. Throughout my work, I incorporate a research-based approach to creating and managing programs, developing strategies, and implementing successful solutions. As I gained experience in leadership roles, I found purpose in giving voices to staff and supporting them in overcoming organizational resistance and inertia.

Connecting with other leaders, especially women of color, inspired me to earn certifications in both executive coaching and social impact management and leadership, complementing my Bachelor's and Master's degrees. In 2014, I began supporting colleges and nonprofits with program design, policy development, and serving as a speaker and facilitator.

After 14 years of working in institutions and nonprofit organizations, I went full-time with B&I Consulting in 2023. I dedicated my time to working with authentic leaders who are socially driven and need support harnessing their leadership skills and creating systems within their organizations that support staff and the communities they serve.

When not working with my incredible clients, I love watching HGTV, reading historical fiction where women solve crimes, and spending time with my family and two dogs.

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Our Team.

Through small but mighty, B&I Consulting could not function without the support of the our additional team members.

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